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"Reverberations" by Getting Started: A Fresh Sound from Chicago's Indie Scene

The Making of 'Reverberations': A Unique Blend in Indie Rock

Band members of 'Getting Started
Band members of 'Getting Started

"Reverberations" is the latest release by the new Chicago indie rockers " Getting Started". Bringing a colourful love story, recorded straight from Gravity Studios (Smashing Pumpkins & Alabama Shakes) "Reverberations" brings an air of excitement to the airwaves. Love is in the air and it comes in the form of warm guitar layers and energetic drumming.

So, who are the brains behind "Getting Started"? The quartet was established in 2022 by Jack Gallo [vocals/rhythm guitar], Matt Stein [lead guitar], Pat Hickey [bass], and, Jack Scanlon [drums]. They originally started out as a cover band, playing music from an array of genres from The Strokes to Dua Lipa, and even Frank Ocean.

What's immediately noticeable about "Reverberations" is how the vocals sit within the mix. They're clear in tone, as well as their levels. The levels of the overall track are exquisitely set, making sure that each layer has its own role to play within the piece.

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 'Getting Started' Cover Art
'Getting Started' Cover Art

There's an air of The Red Hot Chilli Peppers in their vocals and funking strums but there's also a resting indie rock rawness in their craft too. One that makes it stand out in both mainstream pop rock but also the gritty nature of the underground indie rock scene. Think of the swagger of Bands such as The Stokes.

When listening to a track, one marker of success is the way that it captures its audience - are the lyrics catchy whether or not you want them to be? And here the answer is, absolutely. I found myself singing along to the hook. Why? because it is a one-word repetition of the title. A risky move but it works! You'll sway with ease but you'll rock out too, relaxed yet energised.

Genres: Indie Rock, Pop Rock

Mood: Energetic, Vibrant, Engaging

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