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Grace & Moji's 'Our Love': A Harmonious Blend of Love, Life, and Music

In the world of indie music, authenticity is key, and Grace & Moji's debut single "Our Love" is a testament to this truth. The husband-wife duo has crafted a song that is not only a beautiful ode to their unbreakable bond but also a reflection of their journey through the complexities of their relationship.

The music video, filmed amidst the picturesque landscapes of Topanga, CA, is a visual treat. Co-directed by Sam Friedman, known for his work with Bon Iver and Gal Pal, and the artists themselves, the video is a captivating blend of dreamy natural settings and nostalgic VHS footage. It offers an intimate peek into Grace & Moji's lives, capturing the spectrum of their relationship, from joyful excursions to heart-rending conflicts.

"Our Love" is the final track on their upcoming EP, a fitting anthem that encapsulates the duo's journey through struggles to a place of harmony and understanding. The song is a testament to their resilience, a celebration of their love, and a reminder of the power of music as a form of expression.

What sets Grace & Moji apart is their genuine desire to channel their life experiences into their art. Their music is not just a collection of notes and lyrics, but a reflection of their journey, their struggles, and their triumphs. "Our Love" is not just a song, but a culmination of their journey together.

The music video plays with the idea of showing the reality of love, contrasting the idealized aspects of love with the realities of making it work day-to-day. It's a music video about what we think love will be vs what love actually is, as Martin Wave puts it.

Grace & Moji's "Our Love" is set to release on July 19th. It's a beautifully crafted music video that epitomizes the essence of love in its purest form, while not shying away from the realities and emotions that make relationships so profoundly human.

If you're a fan of indie music that's raw, authentic, and deeply personal, Grace & Moji's "Our Love" is a must-listen. Stay tuned for their debut EP later this year, and immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world they have crafted.


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