Thank U

Lisbon, Portugal

Greg Bounce is back with a new video for his latest release 'Thank U'. When describing his video he proceeded to state that it is “a wonky nature documentary with a strange boyband vibe. Think Backstreet Boys meets Attenborough. Just outside Bolton.”. I'm interested, are you? Let's have a look at what this production entails then shall we?

Fristly, let's start with the song itself. 'Thank U' is a dreamy pop lovers dose of happiness in a bottle in terms of hypnotic elements but there is a hauntedness within the overall production. The song begins in an edgy way through the inclusion of whispered chants of the song's title. As this cinematic slow burner of a track begins to grow out of the darkness we find ourselves pulled into a world of bell synths, dreamy guitar and a highly experimental vocal performance.

Now let's turn towards the video. The visuals were filmed by Manchester-based filmmaker Charles Leek (whose previous clients include the likes of Nine Inch Nails and Brian Eno). The video was filmed during the break of a recording session where Leek and Bounce decided to take in the nature of being in the moment. They decided to film out to Rivingron Pike to film! Truely taking in their surroundings and showcasing them to the world is what the pair have achieved through this video. The video packs a whole load into one production through one simple thing - Nature - a fitting backdrop for an appreciation track indeed.