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Pittsburgh, United States

Griffen Handshake is an Alternative – Punk dynamic duo that has been formed by brothers, Millen on guitar and Arjun on drums, and both on vocals. Their talents combined together to create a sound that is incredibly distinctive and enticing as well as forming superb tracks that reach out to fans and connect with each listener.

This fantastic duo express relatable, heartfelt and mind-opening topics such as “mental health, social media and the external pressures of carving out a path in life.” Their brand new track ‘Cancel’ will immediately grab your attention and spark your musical senses upon the first instance! - KIRA HUGHES

The track starts being counted in with drumsticks, this is found to be a personal touch that I truly admire. The drums kickstart the song with an awesome, aggressive yet energetic beat! The guitar riff is ace; heavy, harsh, headstrong and enthusiastic giving us great energy as you dance, jump around to the bouncy riff and sing at the top of your lungs. This brilliant new song is short and snappy and it will get stuck in your head quite easily with the super catchy lyrics, making this the new song to put on full blast and keep on repeat!


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