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Chaque Fois

Tel Aviv, Israel

Guy Moses, Roy Avital and Katrin Lasko have worked in collaboration on new track ‘chaque Fois’ to deliver a diverse soundscape with elements of pop fused within

‘Chaque Fois’ is the perfect track to let loose and move your hips to! Its diverse soundscapes, exploring the different synths and digital soundwaves, serve as a nice accompaniment to those distinctive beats as the main body of the song. These intricate details in the musicality work together to create the ultimate lively atmosphere. The vocals act as a nice contrast to the energy created by the musicality. The tone is quite soft and delicate, with whispery undertones and delivers a sense of suspense in the track. I believe this would be a great track in any party atmosphere, particularly in a club setting where those rich sounds and bold beats can bounce off and be intensified through the number of moving bodies and bright lights. ‘Chaque Fois’ is a track which can be loved by anyone who enjoys letting their hair down, allowing those intrinsic beats to take you on a journey through a lively and uplifting atmosphere.


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