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Reel In

Chicago, IL, United States

The genre of experimental rock/pop/alternative music that is coming from Ha Subliminal is astoundingly perplexing. From the moment I hit play on the single, ‘Reel In,’ I was lost in a world of synth, guitar, bass and thunderous drums. All I had for bearings were the rattle of my teeth and the synthetic voice that was shining overhead like the aurora borealis. The sounds are worldly, feeling like they span the globe, zooming across the equator for a drum sound, coming back like a homing pigeon for the guitar tone. The result is a song that I fell in love with from the get-go.

Ha Subliminal is pushing the same boundaries that Depeche Mode pushed. Only now they are further out, past the break of the musical ocean. They are treacherous waters, but someone’s gotta do it. In the name of musical expression, ‘Reel In’ is an expansive and wonderful sonic experience that I implore you all to undergo.



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