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London, United Kingdom

Credit - Daniela Tudos

‘NoMore’ is a modern pop single from UK up-and-comer Hazel. It’s a song that plays with the current trends and twists them ever so slightly into something that’s new, refreshing and full of a cadence that Hazel is sure to become known for. The vocals are the centre of the song, its core and foundation, and the instrumental is wrapped around them. Its percussion-heavy, drums and hi-hats splash in the foreground as synth pads and a strummed electric guitar sits softly in the mid. It comes together to form a simple yet effective collection of sounds, with the sole aim of creating a stage for Hazel’s voice to dance on.

The song opens soft, the guitar strums its wonderful tone and a little chorus for flavour. The vocals drop in and the song comes alive. The melody is warping and has a little swing to it, there’s an incredibly fast vibrato that Hazel hits, similar to Vedder or Malone. It adds a heaping spoon of personality and sets the ball rolling. The drums fall into play, the high harmony sits on top, the guitar gets beefier and the chorus hits you hard. A fantastic bridge ticks the final box for a pop hit and ‘NoMore’ is no more…

Though not for long, because if you’re like me you stuck the song on a loop and listened to it eight times over.

It’s not often that you find a modern pop diamond in the rough. This time Hazel has found one for us. - FREDDIE MCKEE


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