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HeIsTheArtist Transforms 'Ungodly Hour' into a Soul-Stirring Christian R&B Experience

HeIsTheArtist (HITA), the talented Christian singer-songwriter hailing from Central Islip, NY, has once again proven his exceptional ability to reimagine secular music through a Christian lens with his cover of "Ungodly Hour." The original song, by Chloe x Halle, has been skillfully transformed into a soul-stirring Christian R&B experience that showcases HITA's unique style and approach to spreading a religious message.

In his version of "Ungodly Hour," HITA's silky smooth intro sets the stage for a dreamy, lo-fi, and relaxing rendition that is both modern and raw. It is no wonder that this artist has seen his inventive reinterpretation of popular releases strike a chord with listeners.

HITA's journey to the Christian music scene began after listening to an inspiring sermon by TD Jakes, which prompted him to leave behind his secular neo-soul career as LeeMann Bassey with Bentley Records. Since then, he has been dedicated to teaching the world about his religious beliefs through his music.

This commitment to spreading the Christian message through inventive and eclectic reinterpretations of secular tracks has resonated with a wide audience, resulting in HITA's music being streamed more than 1 million times on Spotify. The success of his cover of "Ungodly Hour" further cements HITA's position as an exciting and refreshing artist in the Christian R&B/Dance scene.

If you have yet to experience HITA's version of "Ungodly Hour" or any of his other creative interpretations of secular songs, we highly recommend giving them a listen. With his unique approach to Christian R&B and an undeniable talent for blending genres, HeIsTheArtist is undoubtedly an artist you don't want to miss in the Christian music scene.



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