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Hilary Roberts' Latest Release 'Euphoria' Embodies Pure Joy and Musical Innovation

American singer-songwriter Hilary Roberts has recently treated her fans to an uplifting and invigorating new single, 'Euphoria'. Released on June 9 and followed by a music video on June 16, the single has been introduced under the banner of Roberts’ own record label, Red Songbird.

'Euphoria' marks a remarkable transition for Roberts. Breaking away from the familiar tempo of her previous work, she ventures into the realm of electrifying club beats, all while maintaining her characteristic vivaciousness. The track flawlessly blends robust verses with melodious choruses, resulting in a captivating musical journey that holds listeners spellbound. Each lyric and note coalesce to immerse the audience in a cloud of blissful euphoria, further enhanced by the use of catchy synth rhythms and deliberately minimalistic instrumentation.

Roberts shares, “I wanted this song to transport the listener back to a place of pure joy — that euphoric, carefree feeling of being a kid again and finding beauty in every moment.” This intent resonates deeply in the track, offering listeners a nostalgic journey back to simpler times.

Roberts has a history of chart-topping releases, with multiple hit singles in 2019 including 'Back to Life', which topped the Billboard Dance Club Songs chart, and the deeply emotional 'Fight to the Other Side'. 2020 saw her further climb the ladder of success with the release of 'Good Man', which secured a spot in the top ten hits on the dance chart.

From her humble beginnings performing in local talent shows at the age of 10, Roberts has carved out a successful career in music. Her passion for philanthropy often informs her work, and through the Red Songbird Foundation, she extends her impact beyond music, offering hope, healing, and transformation.

'Euphoria', released through Roberts' label, Red Songbird, stands as a testament to the artist's continued growth and innovation. It's more than just a song; it's an anthem of joy and a vivid expression of Roberts' musical prowess. Fans old and new are sure to find delight and inspiration in this latest release.



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