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HIROKI - Tell Me (When You're Gone)


Tell Me (When You're Gone)

Portland, United States


Fresh out of Portland USA, R&B/Pop group Hiroki has blessed us with their latest single release, Tell Me (When You're Gone).

‘Tell Me (When You’re Gone’ is a love song of great lyrical content that hits listeners with its smooth groove and soulful vibe. The track is a great listen for anybody pining “the one that got away”. The song was written off the back of real-life experiences by the writer within minutes. It’s those raw lyrics that hit the hardest. ‘Tell me’ is a classic example of an innate expression of emotion.

Hiroki created the song independently from the writing through to mastering and you wouldn’t know that this had no external input. Everything within the mix sits nicely to replicate the smoothness of old-school R&B and Soul. The backing vocals are smooth and uplifting, and guitar riffs add that extra solidification to a great R&B track.

‘Tell Me (When You’re Gone) is my track of the week so far and deserves its spot in our Ones2Watch! Get it on your playlists, and then repeat it now!



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