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IDN's Velvet Sanctuary: A Soothing Blend of Self-Love and 90s Nostalgia

IDN's latest release Velvet Sanctuary's is a poignant tribute to self-love and individuality, that effortlessly melds the euphoric vibes of 90s UK rave and early Detroit techno with contemporary pop sensibilities. The result is a refreshing and empowering sonic experience, designed to uplift and inspire listeners to embrace every aspect of themselves.

The artist's dedication to promoting self-love is immediately apparent in the evocative lyrics and passionate delivery. The message is clear: we are our own best teachers, lovers, friends, and motivators, and it's essential to appreciate every part of ourselves for what it is.

The music itself is expertly crafted, with Velvet Sanctuary's creator taking on the roles of producer, performer, mixer, and mastering engineer. This multi-talented artist even handles their own visuals and merchandise, showcasing a remarkable level of commitment to their art and message.

The nostalgic influences of 90s UK rave and Detroit techno are seamlessly woven into the track, providing listeners with a delightful trip down memory lane. The infectious beats, soaring synths, and catchy hooks pay homage to an era defined by euphoria and togetherness, while still feeling fresh and relevant in today's music landscape.

IDN's ability to blend genres and eras, coupled with their unwavering dedication to spreading a message of self-love, creates a unique and memorable experience for listeners. This anthem of self-acceptance is a timely reminder to take a moment to thank ourselves for everything that we are, and to be our own soft sanctuary when no one else can.



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