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Indie Rock Revolution: Bird Machine's 'Hellos and Frowns' Delivers a Sonic Punch

The all-powerful voice that shoots from the core of Bird Machine’s single ‘Hellos and Frowns’ is a positively addicting one especially when paired with the stellar indie rock tones and massive splashes in the song's chorus sections. It’s a mix of everything that we have come to love in the indie world only here it is done with the highest possible skill and the highest passion. The throw of the bass rolls into the drums as the guitars start their buzz. The whole song is vibrating with the energy and pace of a great rock hit. The vocals shoot up out of the sound and hit us right in the feelings. They are bold, refined and collected. When they break loose it means something. They’re not shouting or pumping out lyrics for the heck of it, no; they are fighting for something, even if that something is just bloody good music.

Some songs know how to grab you by the scruff of your shirt and throw you into the middle of a good time. ‘Hellos and Frowns’ is one such song. Bird Machine have pushed the boat out and have created a track worthy of praise and fandom. This is indie rock as it should be played: loud, proud, and awesome.



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