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Jacob Reddy Reigns Supreme: Wear The Crown Brings Vibrant Indie Bliss to Pop-Lovers Everywhere

Jacob Reddy pushes colourful pop into your headphones with all the glitz and power of the greats with, ‘Wear The Crown.’ It’s a fabulous indie rock single that hits every check box. Thick guitar with a touch of funk? You got it. A beat that will stick with you through thick and thin? Yeah sure thing! And a vocal that can punch the clouds and keep it cool the whole way home? Yes absolutely. Jacob Reddy has found his own sound between rock and pop, it’s pure indie bliss. The Vox slide and twist with tone and energy as the backing pushes and pulls through vibrant verses and pop-heavy choruses.

‘Wear The Crown’ deserves to wear one itself. The melody and harmonies on offer here are enough to make you ogle. But the rest, well, that’s all just icing on top. Jacob Reddy has proved that he can blast indie rock up there with the best of them. If you’re an indie fan, check out ‘Wear The Crown.’


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