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Jerald Copp's Latest Release 'ForceGhost' Brings Alter-Egos Together for a Powerful Collaboration

Icelandic music producer Stefán Örn Gunnlaugsson, better known by his pseudonyms Jerald Copp and ÍKORNI, has released a new single, 'ForceGhost'. The song stands as a dynamic collaboration between his two musical alter-egos, creating a unique juxtaposition of styles and moods.

'ForceGhost' beautifully illustrates the contrast between the more melancholy, lyrical, and retro vibes of ÍKORNI in the verses and the powerful, synth-pop grandeur of Jerald Copp in the chorus. The single is an eclectic mix of genres - synth pop, synthwave, art pop, and dark-pop, blended with 80's vibes, cinematic overtones, and a touch of Scandinavian euphoria. The track is layered with both male and female vocals, the latter of which is provided by a talented singer discovered on Fiverr, adding another layer of diversity to the song.

Stefán Örn, the mastermind behind both personas, started releasing under the pseudonym ÍKORNI in 2013 and added Jerald Copp to his musical portfolio in 2022. While the musician's influences include cinematic music, Bon Iver, Rhye, 80's synth pop, and Emilie Nicolas, the ethos of 'ForceGhost' is drawn from a deeper, more personal place.

The song explores the emotions experienced when seeing a child grow up and become an adult, prompting a sense of diminishing relevance. However, the chorus injects optimism and resilience, with lyrics like "I could be your force ghost," suggesting ways to stay important in the child's life.

Despite the contrasting elements in the song, Stefán balances the sounds to create a harmonious fusion. The verses carry the spirit of classic jazz standards and a 1950's retro vibe, while the choruses are filled with dark, electronic sounds marked by growling synths and punchy drums.

'ForceGhost' was recorded in Stefán's own studio, Studio Bambus, located in a suburb of Reykjavik. As a professional musician and music producer with three decades of experience, Stefán has certainly delivered a track that reflects his vast knowledge and understanding of music.

Neither Jerald Copp nor ÍKORNI are known for live performances, but the release of 'ForceGhost' serves as an exciting new chapter in Stefán's expansive career. The single is a testament to his ability to constantly innovate and explore new musical territories, bringing a fresh and intriguing sound to the world of synth-pop.



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