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Melbourne, Australia

Credit - Gabriel Tan on Unsplash

Joel Rivendell explores space and colour with his single, ‘Melbourne.’ It's a travelling song that moves as it plays, taking you from your humble seat to the shining streets of Melbourne. The instrumental is funky, full of sharp guitars, a bass line that thrums and hooks with a spicy bite and various other frills from woodwinds and percussion. Speaking of percussion, the beat is friendly. It approaches you from across the way and begs you to dance. As you do the music starts, and the world glows brighter. Now all you need is a frontman, a leader to carry you away. Joel Rivendell fits the bill. A vocal that sits in the mid, nestled between the highs of the pipe and the lows of the bass. It’s a clear, conversational Vox that carries a melody like a seasoned pro.

‘Melbourne’ hits those jazz vibes, grabs some funk and throws it in the mix and comes out like an alternative 80s pop number. Definitely worth a listen, if only for that sensational breakdown in the mid. Get wavy!


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