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John Vento's 'Brick By Brick': A Timeless Blues Rock Gem That Resonates with Soul

That classic blues rock sound is bound to get you moving one way or another. ‘Brick By Brick’ from John Vento is a track that takes that classic blues rock and uses it to full effect. There is nothing flashy here, good blues doesn’t need anything flashy. The guitar takes centre stage at the start, it gives you the bones, the bass follows on. Soon the drums smash in, calling the vocals to the stage. They push out gritty lyrics with layers of backing that turn the sky golden. The chorus lifts you up and you float, gliding over the world as that bluesy power propels you towards one hell of a breakdown in the bridge.

If good blues is done right, it becomes fantastic. John Vento has achieved just that. You have to feel the blues, and you can feel it rushing through every moment of this song. ‘Brick By Brick’ is a perfect dive back into a sound that will never be washed away.



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