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Jon McLeod Enchants with 'Lily's Game': A Soul-Stirring Indie Folk Odyssey

Jon McLeod’s latest single, ‘Lily’s Game,’ takes a wild and fresh approach to the indie folk genre. The guitar is stark, bright and wooden in the mid. It clashes with the silence, acoustic and wild. The strings begin to hum beneath, a bed for the melody to rest its weary head upon, and it does so — soon enough. The vocals slide into view, they are tired, quaint, and look simply to confide. Their sound is soft, comfortable, and tonal. They grasp the melody with both hands and command it down, low amongst the strings. Effects of blues rise like steam through the gaps. The song takes on its own shape, one of dark folk, indie blues and acoustic music. It flutters like a candle flame.

‘Lily’s Game’ is a heartfelt track that speaks to your core. It goes through your ears, straight past your brain and its unnecessary reasoning, and finds your heart. To it, the song sings; it wins you over. You lay with the melody in your palm and fall asleep to its silken textures. Jon McLeod is writing sonic experiences under the guise of indie folk music and I am charmed. ‘Lily’s Game’ is magical in its honesty.



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