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JONNY SWIFT - Hollywood



Cumbria, United Kingdom

Rock comes in many forms, has many facets, and lives up to so many wondrous expectations. You’re always discovering new islands made of it, new sounds and styles to uncover. One such new sound has come from the musical mind of Jonny Swift in his latest single, ‘Hollywood.’ It's a belter of a track, with the instrumental gunning it from the very start, the bass rattling in the back and the guitar strumming as hard and fast as you’d like. What switches it up is the vocal. It's calm, subtle, conversational. It sits above the instrumental and leads you through the song, guiding you. In the end, not only do you feel you have a new favourite rock song, but someone to share it with.

‘Hollywood’ is a rock track through and through, which makes Jonny Swift a rocker to the teeth. It's the smooth blending of styles that mellow out the harsh rock sound, bringing it up to date and making it feel more modern than ever.



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