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Joris BON’s ‘Eclipse’ Blends Classical and Electric Sounds in a Fabulous New Way

‘Eclipse’ from Joris BON is an intriguing blend of classical sounds and textures with the construction and pace of modern electric music. The track takes you by surprise, a brand new flavour of sound you have never experienced before. And it gets crazy good.

The piano opens up, it shall be our focal point. In the beginning, you could be led to believe that this will be a piano instrumental track. The skill for playing is certainly there. But then the beat drops in. The electric percussion takes hold of the melody and pulls the reigns. The notes cascade upward, flying higher into the beat. The whole song dips and dives, making its way for a chorus melody that will stay locked in your head for weeks. The waves crash, the rocks crumble, the wind howls — the piano plays.

Joris BON has endeavoured to deliver something new and bold with ‘Eclipse’ and I say they have managed it. ’Eclipse’ is a devilishly complex track hidden by its classic pretences. Fabulous in texture and tone.



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