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JOSH LONG - Tidal Wave


Tidal Wave

San Francisco, United States

Credit - Dominic Wall

Indie rock has a new flavour thanks to the songwriting talents of Josh Long. ‘Tidal Wave’ is a single that mixes the power and immediacy of indie rock with the swing, funk and good-time vibes of beach-house-pop. It's a blend you don’t know you need until you hear it and then you can’t get enough of it. It's upbeat, vibrant, and features guitar with the chorus and phasers that we all need every once in a while. The vocals stand proud, they’re human, honest and feel like they’re telling you secrets as you listen. It's intimate in the best possible way.

The chorus is a triumph. It's poppy but not boring, it keeps you in the mood and it grooves to the beat. Vocal harmonies breathe up from the instrumental and seal the deal, this is one infatuating single. ‘Tidal Wave’ by Josh Long will wash you out to sea, and with its charm and chipper melody, I’m not so sure you’ll ever want to come back.


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