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JOSH TEPPER - Built Me (duet version


Built Me (duet version

‘Built Me (duet version)’ is a single from Josh Pepper and Madisyn Shipman which blows down the walls of pop with tremendous harmonies and beats. The sound is whole, free, unrestrained. The beat in the back comes and goes in velocity, sometimes heavy, sometimes soft; always right for the moment. The vocals glide along synths, guitars and layers of bass. They alight on the chorus and bounce off, heading for the verse. They land, take turns singing a soliloquy, before re-coupling for a huge soaring climb into the chorus. The melody catches your breath and holds it. You are taken up, floating gently on the warm waves of tone and harmony, before crashing down for the verse, awaiting yet another swell.

Both Madisyn Shipman and Josh Tepper give stalwart performances on, ‘Built Me (duet version).’ It's a single that stands proud in its sound and twirls in the beat. For a great example of two-part harmonies in pop, look no further than ‘Built Me (duet version).’



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