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Joshua Ketchmark's 'Deadliest Thing' - A Soulful Blend of Modern Country and Blues

‘Deadliest Thing’ took me off guard. Its bright guitars, high vocal melodies and subtle bass lines crept up on me and before I knew it I had fallen in love. And which musical magician might be responsible for this ever-so-tricky track? Of course, it’s Joshua Ketchmark. The country blues bleeds into the modern era and there is no stopping its slow ascent to greatness. At the very edge of it all, leading on the masses, is Ketchmark and his trademark tone. It’s a silken feeling that shoots from ‘Deadliest Thing,’ smooth like honey. It goes down easy and that’s the magic because once it’s in your bloodstream and you’re living it, the lyrics react with your heart. All at once the emotional weight of the world falls on you, your very soul aches. It’s what blues does best, and very few do it like Joshua Ketchmark.

Although this song has a sad streak, in all it is a hopeful track. The verses twist and climb, leading you to a chorus which jumps into the clouds in one almighty leap. The changes are buttery, the tones and harmonies woven like cashmere. Every aspect of the track is there for a reason, there is no fat to trim, no hem to tidy. ‘Deadliest Thing’ is a sharp track that gets to the point in a flash. It’s honest, human, and full of soul. A song to fill the expanse in your heart, a song for the sorry. Beautiful.


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