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Joyce Marten's Debut Single 'Today': A Delightful Blend of Folk and Country

Joyce Marten’s debut single is a delight of folk and country feelings. ‘Today’ is a song about the self, and it shines through its lyrics, powered by Joyce Marten’s wonderful vocal performance. The ukulele and guitar tones are fingerpicked and then strummed with great flavour. The drums in the back give just enough rhythm to keep the song afloat, but not enough to take away from its gentle nature. The strings begin to sigh, pushing those vocals even higher until they reach the zenith, and push into the clouds that are the chorus. Soft, forgiving and full of love, ‘Today’ will make you feel accepted within yourself.

Songs like ‘Today’ do not come about very often; it takes a natural songwriter to create a sound that is so pure and fine like spun gold. Joyce Marten is obviously one of these songwriters. From the first pluck of a string, you know you’re in for a treat, and the treat gets sweeter as the song plays on. Magical and personal — ‘Today’ should never be taken for granted.



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