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Judy Malka's 'Let You Go': A Lyrical Symphony of Powerful Vocals and Profound Melodies

Judy Malka’s powerful vocal feels right at home in her single, ‘Let You Go.’ It’s a track that revolves around a solid beat and keeps that movement going no matter where the vocal twists and turns. The clouds overhead line the way forward, the bass clears the way and piano frills come raining down, hitting the ground and empowering the percussion. It’s a vibrant soundscape, one ripe for conquering, and Judy Malka does just that. The power behind the lyrics gives them an extra weight, the song finds ridges in the melody and holds on for dear life as Judy Malka takes us on the ride of a lifetime.

‘Let You Go’ focuses on the feel of the music. It’s not enough to make a song that sounds fantastic, the track has to move you physically as well as emotionally. So when that chorus beat starts to build and the rhythm picks up the pace, your shoulders fall in line. Toes tapping, head bobbing — pure and simple it’s a great track to move to.

Writing a song that is not only lyrically and melodically profound but is also simple enough at its core that you can dance to it is no small feat. Judy Malka, however, makes it look like the easiest thing in the world. Beautifully moving, in every sense of the word.



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