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Are We Ok?

Hamburg, Germany

I have never heard a synth track that I would describe as operatic until now. Julian Petrin’s single, ‘Are We Ok?,’ is a massive cinematic experience. Its melodies are humungous, splashing on the floor, creating tidal waves of tone. The percussion in the back echoes for aeons as the stars glimmer, some snuff out and others are kindled, all in the space of the song. ‘Are We Ok?’ floored me. It attacks with such presence that there is no avoiding the punch, no dodging the melody or the scale of the sound. Julian Petrin is showing us instrumental synth on a whole other level. It's not just showing us glimpses into the future, but into time itself and asking the real important question: ‘Are We Ok?’

The masterful composition of Julian Petrin’s massive single is akin to spinning gold. If they keep this up, this scale and vibrant harmony, there is no telling where spindle will lead them. ‘Are We Ok?’ is a truly wonderful single.


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