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Juliet Callahan's 'Depth of Soul' Enchants with Dark Victorian Charm: Time-Bending Rock/Pop

Juliet Callahan’s ‘Depth of Soul’ is a fantastical dark rock/pop song that bleeds with Victorian romanticism. The push of bass at the beginning is profound. It’s deep, dark, and supremely heavy. The bass rumbles up through crumbling ruins. You feel it in your feet and you hear it in your bones. Soon the melody takes over, you are washed away by the beat. The harmonies fly, and the sky is purple, laced with lightning. The world is coming to an end, but this calamitous chorus is a blissful way to go out.

‘Depth of Soul’ is produced with the most modern techniques but plays in the ballpark of the classics. There is a crossing of worlds in the sound, a tethering of cultures — future and past. Just as novelists in the romantic era delight in the horrors of the future, Juliet Callahan has devoted a tantalisingly dark work to the wonders of the past. A beautiful song that I could write about for days. Splendid.



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