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JUNO VINE's 'FEVER': An Indie Pop Triumph of Funk, Rock and New Wave Melodies

JUNO VINE’s ‘FEVER’ is an indie pop triumph of funk, rock and great new wave melodies. The mix of analogue and synth is blended ever so fine, the line is imperceptible. Drums and guitars sit beside keys and sound waves as they wait for their time in the spotlight. They play all at once, all forming a stellar foundation for those hearty vocals that steal the show. They drop in, proud and mighty but never give off an ego. They keep it real, they keep the melody alive as the verses shoot by and you are sucked into the chorus. It’s big, it’s bold, and most importantly, it is catchy as all heck.

‘FEVER’ brings bright pop back into the indie scene. It's a simple song, performed to perfection and attended to with the care of a master. Each sound is meant to be there, the breaks are programmed to a T, and the life of the song is vivid. JUNO VINE has delivered a pop track that deserves the attention of the world. I hope you’re listening.


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