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I Am

Keflavik, Iceland

Kahnin are turning our heads around with their music. ‘I am’ is a single with an alternative rock/pop blend of sounds that focuses on the coming dystopian future that plugs us all into the system. It's a dark and terrifying topic to think about, but the horror is braced by the uptime melodies and fantastic instrumentals on the track. Kahnin are blending themes and sounds as opposites to create enthralling musical ideas that come out of nowhere. The vocal heads the attack on your psyche, being sure to annunciate each and every lyric for maximum poetic power. It's catchy in the best of ways; you remember the lyrics, but when you speak them out loud, what you really remember is a warning of the coming doom…

Under all the gloom, however, Kahnin are creating fantastic sounds and ‘I am’ is no exception. You needn’t listen to it for its message. It's a great song through beat and melody alone. What makes it fantastic is the setting. Play on, Kahnin!



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