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KAREN HARDING - Devil In The Mirror

Keeping it classy, keeping it clean. Let the melody do the work and talk for itself. And get that vocal to sit centre stage, soaking up that limelight and captivating the audience with a proud and masterful performance. All of these things are hallmarks of a great pop track and a great performer. And all are present in Karen Harding’s latest single, ‘Devil In The Mirror.’ It feels classic but not too classic; like the song came out in 89. It’s clever in its instrumental. The synth doesn’t try anything fancy, it does what it needs to. It gets the melody out there and leaves the rest for the stellar vocals. They carry the song, its entire weight on their shoulders. It's a magical feeling to be whacked away in the chorus, such a tone, such a power.

‘Devil In The Mirror’ is one of those songs that surprises you at every corner. The hook just sinks in so easily. It's with me now, I can replay every beat in my head, every line every melody. Karen Harding nailed it with this one. Here’s to many, many more great tunes!


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