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Punk up your Christmas playlist. We all know it's 70s and 80s classics, they’re all synth-pop or rock and you’ve heard them all before. So here’s something fresh, fun and damn right rocking for you this holiday season. ‘It Simply Isn’t Christmas…’ by Katye Kellye and the Interruption is a toe-tapping, hard-balling punk rock sleigh-ride of a song that will liven up any and all Christmas playlists. It's full of big guitars, bass lines that thrum and bounce, drums that smash and vocals that feel as punk as ever. Add some spice to that hot chocolate and listen to something fresh!

The song fakes you out to start and I will be honest I was not expecting the shift and it was brilliant. Jingle bells and tinkling melodies reel you in for what you expect to be a generic Christmas tune. Then, BAM, the punk rock hits hard. It's still got that holiday-time jive, the chords are familiar, like long-distant cousins you haven’t seen since the 00s, all wrapped up in red and black tinsel, ready to hit the town and party hard. Katye Kellye and the Interruption don’t let up for a second, driving this rock-rolling tune all the way home and into the Christmas spirit with attitude and lots of volume.

If you love 00s rock, punk or hard rock and wish there was something festive that hits those notes. You’ve found a keeper in ‘It Simple Isn’t Christmas…’ - FREDDIE MCKEE


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