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LastTimeDown's 'Kiss the World Goodbye': A Radiant Blend of Bluesy Rock that Transcends Time

Bluesy rock. What’s not to love? A genre that has lasted generations and will last generations more. There is magic in the soul of good ol’ rocking songs, and when you catch a new one it can send you into a blissful wonderland. That’s exactly what happened with LastTimeDown’s latest single, ‘Kiss the World Goodbye.’ It takes strong Americana rock, throws some blues into the mix and then shoves the whole thing through a filter of modern-day rock. The sound is oh-so-smooth. It flies through yellow fields and whips up a gust of petals. They dance in the summer air and create patterns against the clouds. Soon the sun sets, but that just means the whole picture gets even better. Honest, fiery, dance-worthy rock.

LastTimeDown have nailed it with this single, truly a 3 piece diamond in the rough. The rock quality is off the scale. Not only do the instruments hit you with utmost passion, but they blend together so gosh darn well. The vocals are present and shoot up to great heights, keeping the momentum of the song up and running, from those classic verses to that stellar solo in the bridge. ‘Kiss the World Goodbye’ is a cracking track through and through; you would be doing yourself a disservice not to listen to it. Electric blues.


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