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LATEST RELEASE - DEREK LEE GOODREID - Halloween Double Creature Feature


Halloween Double Creature Feature

Perth, Australia

Credit - Heidi Jorgensen

It's that time of the year again! Is it just me or has this year gone spookily fast? As we enter the season of ghosts and open fires Australian artist DEREK LEE GOODREID comes to cause a storm with his latest double feature release. "Halloween Double Creature Feature" marks our first-ever seasonal concept coverage! So, let's get into the gruesome duo.

The project itself is based on GOODRIED's love for classic old horror movies, something that has been shown carefully in the cover art for the project. - TAMARA JENNA

Enticing listeners to want to hear more, I read up on the inspiration behind the project to get deeper into the land of this artist. Deeper into the cave, and past the bats and Vampires I found Track 1 "Beneath The Howlin' Light". As you can imagine by the name, the song is inspired by all things werewolves.

The production features Leon Pratt on Bass and Mixing Engineer Austin Hein. The song opens in true eerie film fashion through the use of wind sounds and wind chimes. As the track progresses, we're pulled into a whole story sold by blues and alt-country. As you can imagine, there's a whole load of references to the supernatural within the piece, as well as a howl or two!

“Racing Against Death” features lead guitar by Adrian Whyte and slap bass from Canadian rocker Stephen K Donnelly. Again, we are introduced to a whole load of chaos and darkness from GOODREID. Now, this track has a whole alt-country feel to it through its speedy percussion and guitar twangs. The vocal performance is completely different here when compared to "Beneath The Howlin' Light".

If you're looking for a few songs to get you in the mood for the season, these two songs are a must!



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