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NYC, United States

Credit - Alex Brown

Acquaintances is the third single release by this ever-so-beautiful singer-songwriter nellie. This is a strong soulful Indie-Rock song produced by Daniel Alvarez de Toledo and Jordan Dunn Pilz and it truly is phenomenal! Acquaintances is a harsh but true tune that I do feel many could relate to as the lyrics are created from a story about the breakdown of friendship, a bond which had been lost and the memories that remain, something most have been through and will deeply connect with. The song starts with a slow and floaty intro thus created by the slow waltzing drum beat and nellie’s heavenly voice. The drumbeat gradually forms into a full drum beat as the song progresses and the guitar riff comes in elegantly during the breakdown of the first verses, thus impacting the song with a rich and enchanting feel.

The angelic voice of nellie is totally gracious, with gorgeous vocals sung in a low register that is stunningly soft with harmonies that are absolutely adoring giving the song a depth and a passionate fill. - KIRA HUGHES

The sweet essence of the vocals perfectly expresses the heartfelt lyrics creating a sweet yet sad story making you want to sing your heart out.


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