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Updated: Sep 22, 2022


Halcyon Daze

London, United Kingdom

PolSky’s new track ‘Halcyon daze’ is the embodiment of perfect indie rock music. Those clear and unforgettable guitar riffs, along with cursive rustic vocals, make it a great track to let loose and dance to. The slip into alternative styles is a testament to the artistic capabilities of PolSky, from touches of punk-like synth in the more ominous bridge section to the frequent retro bassline, it is this diversity in the track which makes it difficult to categorise Polsky, they are their own unique style and can appeal to various demographics.

The clever lyricism makes it almost impossible to finish the song without feeling positive... - AIMEE STOKES when the chorus drops with ‘back to the Halcyon Daze’ one is automatically transported back to a moment in time when they felt completely content with life. It is this very individual interpretation of the track which will make it unforgettable to listeners and encourage people to come back and play it when they want to feel as though they’re back to their ‘Halcyon Daze’. I look forward to hearing more from PolSky and hope they continue to sustain their unique musical choices in the future.



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