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Leanna Oki's 'Imposter Syndrome' - A Gargantuan Well of Emotion Encapsulated in Synth Pop

‘Imposter Syndrome’ is a hard-hitting synth tone single from indie pop up-and-comer Leanna Oki. It’s a song that starts out like any other, only there is more depth here. There is something brewing in the bass, something affecting the percussion with a warbling tone. The vocals shine through the harmonic rattle and bring us a melody that will captivate you from the get-go. It’s the light it gives off and how that reflects off the chromic instrumental. It transports you to a future world and lets nothing get in your way. Vistas of emotion and harmony fill the space until the chorus comes along.

The drop is intense. Put on your best headphones for bass, or better yet, blast this track from your nicest speakers. The cavern of sound comes out of nowhere and adds intensity and scale to the track, the likes of which I have never experienced before. It’s not overbearing, the weight of the chorus simply becomes increasingly immense as the song plays on. The vocals glide through the vastness as the instrumentals climb the walls and descend into oblivion. Leanna Oki hasn’t just given us a pop synth track with ‘Imposter Syndrome,’ she has provided us with a gargantuan well of emotion to fill with our own misguided thoughts, our own redemptive arcs and our own victories. Therapy in song, with a hook, a beat, and one heck of a range. Seriously impressive.



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