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learningtodive's 'Rise (feat. Bravo Bonez)': A Psychedelic Soulful Indie Masterpiece

The latest from learningtodive is just as diverse as their last offering. ‘Rise (feat. Bravo Bonez)’ is a soulful indie single that splays psychedelia and electric frills over a rocking foundation and some bluesy movements. The first thing that hits you is the atmosphere, it comes at you from every angle like a mist falling through open windows. The light begins to spread as the bass lays down a groove and the instrumental creates a body from the fog. It dances, enticing you, the light shimmering through of its corporeal form. The music ripples over your eyes, through your hair and pulses with a classic learningtodive hook. It’s freeing, memorable, and takes no time at all to get you right where it wants you.

‘Rise’ showcases learningtodive’s ability to shift on their heels. The song is fluid and takes aspects of many genres to create a sound unlike anything else on the scene. There is a joy to the binding of these ideals, a wow moment at every turn as you realise that you have never heard anything like that ever before. With the help of Bravo Bonez, this is their pluckiest offering yet. It’s bouncy in the chorus, melodic in the verses, and handles atmosphere with confident spadefuls of tone. Wonderful and eye-opening, a contemporary banger.


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