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Liam Docherty’s ‘Gemini Rising’: A Modern Reimagining of Classic Rock

Liam Docherty’s ‘Gemini Rising’ is a song born of classic rock thrown into the modern day by twisting the old blues sounds into modern indie ideals. The bass comes in round and fat, calling the shots as the guitar sets into the rhythm. The drums keep time, rolling up a little flare every once in a while to send ripples through the track. The vocals find the tune. They settle into comfortable tones as the song flows like a breeze as naturally as leaves fall from trees. The sound just feels right, like it was always meant to be. With tenderness in the verses and a slope up in the chorus, this is a rock song anyone can get behind.

‘Gemini Rising’ chooses its textures very carefully. It starts smooth and ends with some crunch — especially in the guitar region. The vocals tie the whole single together. They find the notes hidden behind the melody and create sweet harmonies with them. They rise to the occasion and push the chorus higher than you would ever expect. What gives this song the beans is how everything fits together. The guitar falls into the lap of the bass as it runs beside the percussion, chasing the Vox North Star. It’s the kind of music you expect a seasoned rock band to come out with. Liam Docherty has nailed it with ‘Gemini Rising,’ and I am excited to see just what magic comes next.



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