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Ghost Girl

Birmingham, Alabama, United States

Lindsey Holifield is a singer-songwriter who laces her wonderful music with a fulfilling Folk style, a sparkle of Country and a hint of Rock! Her lyrics are tales of bravery, courage and struggles, Holifield has many idols and inspirations such as Sara Bareilles, Missy Higgins and Joy Williams and with influences as incredible as these no wonder Holifield’s music is so calmly hypnotising. Holifield’s latest release ‘Ghost Girl’ is irresistibly amazing! Mesmerised by angelic vocals that are perfectly paired with gentle, ghostly gorgeous harmonies that are hauntingly beautiful adding an impactful feeling that touches your soul. The vocals are soulfully sweet with a low, soft and soothing vocal register expressing immense amounts of passion through lyrics that are an emotional turmoil alongside a calming guitar riff. This song will have you tearfully singing along as you sway to the melodic tune! The song is creatively stripped back to the core with a simplistic use of instruments, ‘Ghost Girl’ starts ever so sweetly with waves of strings, strums on an acoustic guitar and through the entirety the riff is heavenly soft and atmospheric. This sincere track is truly intimate, like reading someone's thoughts and feelings as though it was a diary!


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