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'Love You More' - Kristina Lachaga’s New Pop Offering Rich with Country and Folk Undertones

‘Love You More’ is the latest pop single from Kristina Lachaga and it is full of subtle gold and wondrous harmonies. The light of the album matches the sun cresting the morning horizon. Acoustic guitars thrum in the trees under the birdsong as the beat catches up to you, solid and comforting. The vocals don’t delay, they come in fast, joining you for the view and taking everything in with you. You feel them breathe the cool country air and as they exhale, out comes a beautiful melody. It’s full of kindness, adoration and a drive to see things from a brighter side. It’s touching.

Kristina Lachaga is pushing country and folk tones into her pop-driven sound and it works to build around her honest vocals. Her songs feel cool, calm, and confident. When ‘Love You More’ hits the chorus there’s no denying the hook and the talent that made it. A stellar single from an up-and-coming artist to look out for.



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