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Lady Loser

Shrewsbury, United Kingdom

Shrewsbury's artist on the rise ‘LUCIFERS BEARD’ released his latest single ‘Lady Loser’ today marking the conceptual follow-up to his previous song ‘The Guy With A Black Eye’.

LUCIFERS BEARD plays all of the instrumentation on his music with the help of mix and master engineer Ed Ripley for the final touches. ‘Lady Loser’ is the third release from LUCIFERS BEARD’s home studio.

This Garage Rock, alt-pop rock single takes influence mainly from The Beatles and The Mars Volta.

"This should not of happened to me, get up! Get up, Lady Loser!" stands out as a critical lyric within the piece.

Guitar riffs fill the space by the layer! Heavy metal meets indie rock in this seriously explosive craziness of energetic bliss! The vocals are dark and haunting, with elongated layers of deepness. As the piece develops, the energy from the guitar riffs increases by the decibel – from the haunting vocals to the mixed speed of the guitar riffs capture the attention of listeners from the moment that they hit play.

I’m gobsmacked at this rollercoaster of a track – All I have to say is – Guitar Hero? Meet LUCIFERS BEARD! – TAMARA JENNA

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