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Cologne, Germany

Credit - Luna Keller

It gives me great pleasure to announce that Luna Keller is back with a new song. 'Wolves' is an inspirational piece that has a moving story behind its creation.

I wrote it for two dear friends that passed away, they were members of my community on Twitch and the song became really meaning full to everyone there. - LUNA KELLER

The production was funded by members of the Twitch community and also welcomes some of those musicians to feature on the track in a united tribute to their late friends.

The start of 'Wolves' is angelic and heartfelt mix of acoustics and harmonies that are guaranteed to move the souls of anybody who listens to it. As a mix of acoustic guitar plucks and other orchestral instruments pull on the heartstrings of listeners they will know that they're in for an impactful journey. Luna Keller's lyricism and vocals are extraordinary within this song. The rawness of the song is something that makes this piece so stunning, from the lyrics to the instrumentation, the arrangement and the mixing techniques bring the piece together into a tribute that is nothing less than flawless.

The lyrics are relatable to everybody and unites the pain of others who are also dealing with loss. I absolutely love what Luna Keller and the Twitch community have done here - well done. Definitely a song that deserves a spot in our Ones2Watch! I can see this track having a great impact globally with the right promotion techniques.

I will conclude this with a message for the two people that this song is about - Rest in heaven dear souls and please give the people who love you a sign that you're listening.


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