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MAL - Come to Light

Get ready for some rocking sounds that move fast and hit hard. Mal’s latest single, ‘Come To Light,’ from their soon-to-be-released self-titled album, is a massive and creative grunge fuelled pure rock sound. The drums punch first, snares and kicks working together to create a progressive groove. The guitars slide overtop, the bass below, sludgy and heavy. It's a fantastic sound. The melody is biting, you’re falling into the grunge field. Then the vocals hit. They cut the fat, liven the sound, heat the pan. They flicker and dance, high and tonal, carrying the melody onwards to salvation. Chorus after chorus of fantastic sounds, a face-melting solo section and a barreling finish. There is nothing not to love about Mal.

With a sound that crosses Alice in Chains with Bush, you can be sure that Mal are packing. Their songs are hearty and their destination looks golden. Listen to ‘Come To Light’ and get ready for the sweltering beast that will be Mal’s debut album. I can’t wait.



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