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Clearwater, United States

Artists that can push emotions to the brink of their vocals are bound for stardom. And with Malena Boccadoro’s latest single being titled, ‘Galaxies,’ this artist is manifesting that prediction. The track flows with synthetic pop goodness. The bells, the pads, the rises — all blending into one cohesive mass of musicality. The vocals are a mist, sifting through the bassy percussion and hanging in the air, commanding the melody with twists and turns. They bring that emotion to the front, you can feel the person behind the lyrics singing to you, for you, at you. It is a magical experience if you give yourself to the song. The textures, the vibrancy, the urgency. It is a whirlwind of pop filled by a pure and golden soul.

Malena Boccadoro is headed for the stars I am certain of it. With musical ears such as these and a vocal that is so enticing, there is simply no way that the world can overlook such a bright and promising passion. Fantastical.



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