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Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Mariana Masetto’s ‘Yendo’ is enchanting from start to finish. The guitar slides us in, warm and organic. It feels out the melody and the rhythm and plays with heart. The beat kicks in at the back. Thick and fluid it supports the instrumental. The vocals appear from thin air. They are cool, high and shining, made from crystal. They glide over the backing like a mist over a mire. It's inspiring in its beauty. The song flows on, into the chorus that sails higher into the clouds, thicker now through harmony and layering. When the main melody hits it grabs you, pulls you in tight. You can’t escape, because you would never want to.

‘Yendo’ feels heartbreaking, but it creates a sense of joy, of hope. The single, for me, captures that sense of moving on, of travelling to that next stage in your life. Even if that means letting go of something in the present that you love, you know it's for the best. That hopeful feeling, once all is said and done, is ‘Yendo’ by Mariana Masetto.


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