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World On Fire

Royston, United Kingdom

‘World on Fire’ is the folky rock single that you’ll be listening to over and over this year. Mark Shepherd has filled the single with beautiful guitar tones, a smooth drum beat and texture and harmonic melodies that will warm you up no matter how cold you get. With a sound that hits like a country lover's Stereophonics, Mark Shepherd whittles away the beats of ‘World on Fire’ with confidence, passion and skill. The sound is classic, yet new. It feels like ‘World on Fire’ is a single that was always meant to be.

Mark Shepherd opens the song up with an acoustic guitar strumming to a chord progression that is simple in its construction but deviously complicated in its playing. A real skill can be heard in its rhythm and it adds so much to the character of the song. The vocals feel homely and are brilliant at sewing a melody throughout the verse and into the chorus where the sound climbs ever higher through the use of harmonies and layering percussion.

‘World on Fire’ is through and through a folk-rock staple. Many artists do it, but no one does it quite like Mark Shepherd. - FREDDIE MCKEE

‘World on Fire’ does not mark the end of Mark Shepherd’s discography, once you fall in love with this single, be sure to check out the myriad of brilliant sounds that this artist has produced over the years.


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