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We Once Knew

London, United Kingdom

Credits - Mike Genna, Alessandro Gianferrara
When in the need of some dreamy synth-heavy music, with an almost James Bond feel there is no need to look any further than London artist Marlon Bianco. His latest release ‘We Once Knew’ parcels up some simple yet amazing sounds to produce something that will send you on a confusing but enjoyable journey. - JASMINE

This September release starts us off with some gorgeous repetitive synth chords, but just as we get settled in our expectations they change key, which is when the listener really knows they are in for a treat. As the subtle beat grows to become a much more prominent background piece, we soon find ourselves vibing entirely with the sounds we are being delivered, as this happens the vocals come much more into focus. These are dreamy in nature, almost offering a eighties French café feel, but with a much more eerie tone. It is difficult to determine the meaning behind the lyrics, as each listen gave me another idea, maybe their obscurity of them makes this so by design?

As the track builds and the intensity grows the keys become a much more prominent factor with further variations introduced and the drums build further, until eventually we are faded out to nothing with the crash of a cymbal, left wanting more. This is a really unique piece that needs to be heard to be understood.


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