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Matt DeAngelis Delivers Timeless Musical Elixir with 'All Good Things'

Rediscover Classic Elegance as 'All Good Things' Weaves Piano Mastery with Soul-Stirring Vocals and Percussive Precision

When you hear a song that has some of that classic punch — the piano, the subtle percussion, the powerful vocals — it’s just bliss. There’s nothing like that combo, there’s something timeless about it. The way that the piano and the vocals play and dart and jump and blend. There’s nuance in their pairing that can only be harnessed by the clap of a snare and the ears of millions. Matt DeAngelis’s latest single, ‘All Good Things,’ is one of those great songs. The power comes from the soul, whether that be in the keys or the vocals. The pacing is in the rhythm, underlined by the instrumental but highlighted by a showcase of less is more in the drum section. Songs like these can be blown out by an overactive drummer — the control, tact, and ease of transitions in ‘All Good Things’ shows true percussive skill.

The evocative single cover for Matt DeAngelis's 'All Good Things', where classic musicality meets modern soul
The evocative single cover for Matt DeAngelis's 'All Good Things', where classic musicality meets modern soul

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The song beats with great white wings. It’s a song that lifts you up, out of a hole. Matt DeAngelis’s vocals are unique in the way that they connect to you. There’s something honest about them in the back, you know that the lyrics are true; no matter how poetic, how out there, you can connect to them. This paired with a killer chorus that is stuck in my mind like toffee on teeth, and you have a hit. There’s also a golden moment in this track that has lost favour as of late, and ‘All Good Things’ does it in a fantastic way.

Matt DeAngelis Promo Shot
Matt DeAngelis Promo Shot

The key change. Not used as much as it used to be, Matt DeAngelis uses it to give us one final punch before the big finish. It’s tasty, it’s gold, it’s a passionate and deft flick of the wrist of the songwriter. The attention to detail, the connection with the melody and all of its components is what makes ‘All Good Things’ a powerful single. Full-bodied, honest, and angelic. A classic.

Genre: Soul, Pop, Adult Contemporary

Mood: Uplifting, Powerful, Honest, Classic, Nostalgic, Full-Bodied

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