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Perth, Australia

Smooth vocals, guitar flows on flows, indie rock tones? Well that is exactly what to expect from the latest release from Matt Zambon. The Australia based indie/pop singer songwriter offers listeners his third offering for their playlists entitled ‘Immi’.

Collaborating with Tim Cox (@_cartograph) for the drumming and a final mix by Hayden Lauersen (@haydenlauersen) sees Matt Zambon up his stakes within the music industry whilst firmly defining his sound within his new found territory.

Sound samples of iconic Australian items have been carefully placed within the track including gum tree leaves and 50-cent coins as Matt Zambon reflects on his experiences as a migrant in Australia.

‘Immi’ contains dreampop layers of lead and bass guitar which instantly moves anybody in its path into a safe space. The moment Matt Zambon introduces his vocals within this song, I felt a warmness within his tone which matches the instrumentation. I chose to read the vocals before I fully listened to the whole of the song and the way that these lyrics have been created within the mind, placed onto paper and lifted into a sonic space is nothing less than extraordinary. No review can do this song justice so I guess you will all have to have a listen to feel the true nature of an outer body experience.


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