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MATTHEW COBIS takes us to unknown places in 'BlackStar'




Fort Myers, United States

Credit - @mnelson usplash





Fort Myers-based artist #MatthewCobis released his latest album entitled #BlackStar back in June consisting of 14 tracks that take influence from the genres of Rock to pop to EDM and even groove to name a few. This project is the third of three albums that this artist has put together in approximately 6 months which is an incredible achievement in itself! This project, however, begins with its title track. #BlackStar is an atmospheric piece packed with bubbly synths, contagious drum loops, and amazing 808 samples. I am really impressed with this opening piece. #Facade is amazing! Female vocals speak directly to the mind of the listener in collaboration with D&B rave music that holds something special that works in the underground rave scene and mainstream pop. #TheSunAlsoRises holds an EDM piano synth progression along with female vocals before seamlessly progressing into a funky and dark rock feel through male vocals and electric guitar - both funky synth-like and heavily distorted. This album is incredible! #Huxley'sDoor takes a step into experimental techno in its opening before slowly transitioning into something beautifully hypnotic - the track sounds like a celebration in itself through the folk inspired synth strings. The track then progresses into something more contemporary with guitar twangs thrown in for good measure and a hint of funk! An interesting production. #Lies is very dark in its opening, heavy bass, haunting strings - ooo I love it! But this doesn't stay for very long at all - the piece moves into funk and wow I'm 100% here for that too! Again, the piece moves into something very experimental. Another interesting set of creative bursts! #EyeoftheCenterfold does a complete switch that I wasn't expecting at all! This heavy rock piece dabbles in many rock genres to create what feels like a medley of nearly all rock styles! I really enjoyed hearing how many layers this artist has under his belt, a highly skilled piece indeed. #Vixen takes us back into the synth pop/EDM realm with a nice bass! The vocals are experimental and moving! #Impervious takes us into a spiritual realm at one with nature's sounds in the start with its charm before dividing its path with techno before being taken into the sound of Asia and then into the hip-hop states of America. #LooktotheSky has a beautiful R&B/Hip-Hop instrumental and oooo it is slick - the vocals are very experimental and not in line with any specific genre at all! I really enjoyed the chill nature of this piece and the conscious spoken word. #ThirsTrap mixes hip-hop drums with folk strings to create something very truly unique to the artist! #RoughneckScout brings a world influence into the project! This is a piece that you definitely need to hear to understand. #HeyBabyBaby is a funky track indeed. The bass hooks you instantly and the rap-rock psychedelic feel of the piece mixes with both male and female vocals. This is a masterpiece in its own right! The bassline makes this a whole mood! #StuckinLove is another funky and slick production - this time more contemporary in feel - it would work well in a multitude of settings - pop radio, festivals, the dancefloor, your home, and of course when you're down to have a little one-man boogie. Closing the project is track 14, #Soulburn - a piece with a stunning feel, rather sad and reflective this piece delves into sad pop/R&B. I really like the ending here - it feels like the conclusion that it is.

This artist is a true genius, and through his work you can hear the transitions as they create each piece of this story!



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