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MEER's Latest Single 'Beehive': An Apocalyptic Wave of Artistic Expression

MEER's 'Beehive' Single Cover: A Rock Orchestra of Gargantuan Talent

‘Beehive’ is an apocalyptic wave of artistic expression from 8-piece progressive and experimental rock band, MEER. It’s a single that holds its own. It has the funk, the style, and bucket-loads of attitude. ‘Beehive’ floors it from start to finish, and you never expect the twists and turns along the way.

The song begins in simple spaces. The guitar, the bass the vocals and the percussion — playing to a rocking structure that we all know and love. But something is looming in the dark. BANG! The song shifts, the spotlight vanishes, you are submerged in the weighty sound of MEER. The strings bubble up, raising the melody ever higher. The vocals push, punching holes in the dark as the cacophony builds and builds. A rock orchestra of gargantuan talent.

‘Beehive’ is special. It is a song that sings for itself, one that touches you deeply and does so with care and prowess. A necessary rock song for the modern age.



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